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Airport Analysis Tool by ICAO

Online Documentatin

User Friendly Interface 

Make searches, analysis, download data in seconds with a few clicks. Download data in seconds to make your own reports and analysis.

Easy to use, fast and reliable user interface with data exportation


Airport Traffic Analyser

Identify commercial opportunities for new airlines, airports and related services, identify underlying trends and monitor competitor network and activity.

Airport traffic analysis to drive growth and development with the expertise of ICAO


All Breakdowns of Traffic

View the pax values of the airports with respect to  non-stop, transfer, non-stop & beyond, connecting, connecting & beyond, behind & non-stop, behind & non-stop & beyond, behind & connecting traffic breakdowns

Not only direct flights: Expand your analysis with more powerful and insightful analysis


Market Share

Reveal the competition by airlines and airports. Compare the market shares of airlines in the airports. Find out new opportunities, just with a few clicks.

View the market shares by airlines, reveal the competition. 

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