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Airport Analysis Tool by ICAO

  • Making Queries / Search
    You can start your queries by using the search box located above the tool. You can also select a year between 2011-2017 as illustrated below.
  • Data coverage of GATO Airport Analysis Tool
    GATO Airport Analysis Tool covers most of the international airports worldwide. However, GATO Airport Analysis Tool data source is not limited to MIDT Data. Behind the scene, there exist a very long data clearance and management process which have been conducted by ICAO and Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw. Thus, you will find information about low cost carriers which are not included in GDS.
  • Sub-Modules (Panels): "Statistics" and "Map""
    GATO Airport Analysis Tool consists of two main panels as "STATISTICS" and "MAPS". You can switch between the sub-modules by using the tabs located above the tool. In "Statistics" module, you can monitor all outbound and inbound taffic and the breakdowns for o,d and transfer for the selected airport and year. Hovering the cursor over the charts will trigger popup boxes with relevant information. You can also export the data of your queries to xlsx files. For more information, please click "About STATISTICS Panel" title located above. In "Map" module, you can view the traffic for o, d and transfer on a vectoral map. Hovering the cursor over the dots in the map will trigger popup boxes with relevant information. You can also export the current map for your queries to a png file. for more information please click "About MAP Panel" title located above.
  • General Layout of STATISTICS Panel (Included Charts)
    Statistics Panel consists of 4 main charts and relevant search and setting areas. The summary box provides a quick look to total pax volumes of the selected airport with regards to "Total Traffic", "Origin", "Destination" and "Transfer" breakdowns. The second part "Traffic Chart" shows the breakdown of the outbound traffic from the selected airport by destination airports. By using the boxes located above the traffic chart, you can change the type of the traffic breakdown. For more information, please find the relevant topic. The third chart "Market Share" shows the outbound pax volumes and percentages by the airlines serving in the selected airport for the selected year. The fourth and final chart "Transfer Traffic" shows the airport routes and relevant pax volumes where the selected airport is the transfer airport. If you wish to see the routes by names instead of the IATA codes, you can simply click "Show Names" button located under the title of the chart. By using the search box and year box, you can change the airport and year of the charts, anytime. It is also possible to download an xlsx report file including. The content of the report file is explained more in the relevant topic. Please watch the above video to see the layout and charts included in the statistics panel.
  • About Traffic Chart (The Breakdowns of Traffic)
    With the "Traffic Chart" of the tool, it is possible to view all destination airports with corresponding pax volumes. Traffic chart shows the breakdown of the outbound traffic from the selected aiport for the selected year. Via this chart, you can view the pax data and the relative percentages by destination airports. The default view of the chart shows non-stop traffic from the selected airport. It is possible to alter the traffic breakdown type by using the boxes located above the chart as illustrated in the below image. Clicking a box updates the traffic chart with the relevant traffic type. "X" illustared in the boxes corresponds to the airport code in the chart. Please, see below video for more information. In addition, downloadable excel file (xlsx format) includes the traffic breakdowns and airports. If you wish to learn more about the content of the excel report, please find the relvant topic in this manual or watch the introduction video.
  • About Market Share Chart
    Market Share Bar Chart shows the outbound traffic market shares by airlines for the selected airport. Using "Show More" button, you can load more airlines serving in the selected airport. The bars shows the pax volumes and relative percentages carried by the corresponding airline. The marker share data is also available in the xlsx report. Howevering mouse triggers tooltips with the related information. It is also possible to make comparisons among the airlines. In order to make comparisons, simply click on the corresponding bars of the desired airlines. This will update the tooltip. In order to see the updated tooltip, hover your mouse over the corresponding bar of another airline in the chart. Doing so, you can see the percentage differences between the selected airlines. The color of the selected bars turns into lighter blue color.
  • About Transfer Traffic Chart
    This chart illustrates the the breakdown of traffic where the selected airport is the transfer airport. It is possible to view all airports in the flight legs and pax values for the routes. In the default view, the routes are illustrated by IATA codes of the relevant airports. It is possible to switch the view to airports names by clicking "Show names" button under the title of the chart. One of the most powerful aspect of this chart and this tool is that it is possible to change the MCT (minimum connecting time) setting in order to view the transfer traffic. You can watch the below video to see how to adjust desited MCT in the tool.
  • Data Exportation
    In the STATISTICS panel, you can easily download an excel (xlsx) format file output which contaings all the data in the current view of your query. The excel file consists of 11 sheets in total. The first sheet of the xlsx file gives the metadata information of the query. Other sheets are: Summary Sheet (with key KPI's in the summary table) Non-stop traffic Non-stop & beyond Connecting, Connecting & beyond, Behind & non-stop, Behind & non-stop & beyond, Behind & connecting traffic Outbound market shares (by airlines) Transfer traffic To have more information about the output report file and its contents please find the video below:
Online Documentatin

User Friendly Interface 

Make searches, analysis, download data in seconds with a few clicks. Download data in seconds to make your own reports and analysis.

Easy to use, fast and reliable user interface with data exportation


Airport Traffic Analyser

Identify commercial opportunities for new airlines, airports and related services, identify underlying trends and monitor competitor network and activity.

Airport traffic analysis to drive growth and development with the expertise of ICAO


All Breakdowns of Traffic

View the pax values of the airports with respect to  non-stop, transfer, non-stop & beyond, connecting, connecting & beyond, behind & non-stop, behind & non-stop & beyond, behind & connecting traffic breakdowns

Not only direct flights: Expand your analysis with more powerful and insightful analysis


Market Share

Reveal the competition by airlines and airports. Compare the market shares of airlines in the airports. Find out new opportunities, just with a few clicks.

View the market shares by airlines, reveal the competition. 

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