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The AAG Aviation Task Force

The AAG Aviation Task Force has been operation in aviation transportation and economics area for the last six years. In this framework, many international projects were successfully implemented.

The AAG Aviation Task Force is maintaining its activities and conducting several projects currently. Our aim is to create benefit for the common welfare of humanity with innovation and passion; by joining our knowledge in aviation with our experience and know-how in technology. 

Task Force

Latest International Aviation Projects

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"Air Cargo Co-Modality Approach"

"Assessment and Enhancement of Air Cargo Interconnectivity Among the OIC Member States 
The Air Cargo Co-Modality Approach (ACCMA) to Facilitate INTRA- OIC Trade. "

"Passenger Movement Performance Index"

Measuring and Benchmarking of PMPI among OIC Member States
International Aviation Projects

Aviation Related Online Data Vizs'

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Aviation Data Visualizatons
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