Catchment Area Tool

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Catchment Area Tool


View the countries in the catchment area of countries.
Catchment area tool monitors the catchment areas of countries included in WorldBank and Oxford Data sets. Choose an origin country to view its 1.500 km radius  and the capabilities of surrounding countries within the radius with respect to high air trade tendency products.
Select an origin country to begin.
To start navigation simply select an origin country. The upper map will zoom into a region encompassing a 1500 kms radius centered from the origin country. The lower map indicates the exportation paths of the selected origin country for the year 2014. The sized of the path lines refers to the volume of the trade.
Does a country's export diversification adequate for air trade?
The tool aims at analysing the export diversification of the countries in the catchment area. The catchment area refers to a spatial and temporal zone which can theoritically feed the airports and air cargo in the given origin country. For this very reason, there are 10 product groups generated by project team via World Bank & UN.COM.TRADE Database, in order to observe higher air trade tendency in the exportation dimensions of the countries included in a given catchment area.
Level of Detail (LOD) in the calculations
Hovering the mouse cursor on a radial country icon will pop up an explanatory box in which the ratios of high air trade tendency product groups on the total exportation of the country. It is possible to view ratios responsively for all product groups by Partner Level of Detail (LOD). Switching Partner LOD will update all ratios and Total Export values with respect to the partner. Updated ratios and totals can be observed in tooltips and explanatory table. For instance, if the selected partner is "OIC All", the explanatory box will reflect the trade values between a given country and OIC Member States. In addition to "Partner" parameter,  it is possible to change the LOD (hence the granularity) of the calculations with "Year"; the tool includes three years of observations: 2013, 2014 and 2015.
More Details on Country Performances
Clicking on a radial country icon triggers an explanatory table just under the upper map to better view the ratios. Clicking any area in the mentioned explanatory table wil direct the user to Performance Indicators page. In this page, it is possible to view Logistic Performances Indices and Business Indicators of a given country.

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