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We ensure your data is working for you—not against you

In the global data management sector, there are many words and concepts such as big data, master data management, ETL, data cleansing, real-time data, in-memory data, agile data and more. But are there words are enough to provide sound and solid solutions?

The reality is that there are complex and real challenges with data today especially in business world. The data is complex, dirty and scattered. Unfortunately, no longer, there is an exact data management strategy consist of on-premise enterprise data.

Online sources of information, company mergers, and acquisitions changing ERP sources and unstructured data exploration requirements are all current challenges.  These issues are not going away and will not be easier to deal with in the future.

We are ready to deliver data management consulting that fits into your long-term plan.t 

Data Management Consulting Analytica

Data Management Solutions We Provide

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Roadmap creation


Data unification

Data Architecture

Establishing Architecture

Find the right tools for your business needs


Implement master repositories for data

Ensure accurate and consistent methods for data capture

Business Analytics

Revealing a Single Truth

Connect data across multiple systems


Enable cross-functional analysis

Allow for a holistic view of information


Big Data

Consulting Services

Are you facing Big Data issues? Aren't you satisfied with the findings with your data?

We are always here to assist you.

There is no wrong answer any more! We are shifting from theory to actuality which means cause and effect. Because data is every where there are  billions of data raws swinging every where and ever single second.

Chances are that there are unstructured data being collected without actually being analyzed but you need!

But you need to ask the 'right question' before focusing on the analytics!

As Analytica Advisory Group, we are assisting our clients to determine the right question.  Big data consulting from AAG focuses on what you truly need rather than what’s trendy in the market.

If your enterprise systems can’t keep up and have a difficult time analyzing the massive amounts of data collected from a variety of sources you probably have a big data problem.

Big Data Consulting

Big Data Solutions We Provide

Big Data Project Management

Big Data Project Management

Once we’ve established what is necessary a road map will be created for implementing proper big data infrastructure.

Data Assessment and Planning

Data Assessment and Planning

Identify the kinds of architecture modifications that are needed to fully take advantage of both big data analysis as well as traditional business intelligence.

Cloud Services

Data Warehouse


Data warehouse

Probably, as many organizations, you have multiple stores of data and several tools to process this data into meaningful reports or analysis. But, the question is are you confident enough that your data sources and connections are consolidated / committed accurately?

Without a correct understanding of your data structures and interrelations, you are simply jeopardizing the business-centric results. Any new member in your data experts team will have to spend months to discover the structure of your data stores

A Sound, Robust and Fully Integrated Business Environment with Data Warehouse Modeling 

Your existing data systems structure will be tailored regarding your strategies and goals. By employing conceptual, logical and physical data modeling, we can help your organization discover the best and totally integrated structure to achieve the optimal results. A new optimized strucure which will be dynamically adjustable with respect to your needs.

We are here to secure your success in the new era of data.

Integrated Business Analytics


Data Strategy

Does your data have positive effect on your revenues? Can you really benefit?

In today's business world, data is the basis for internal and external operations, therefore it plays a key role in decision making. However, data doesn’t work for you unless you cultivate its value. 

More importantly, in the dynamic world of business, data strategy cannot ve stagnant. For the very reason, a flexible approach tailored to your needs is the only way to go.

Enterprise Data Strategy

Our mission is to ensure and secure your mid-term and long-term business successes when it comes to the data management by:

  • Exploring the current systems through an audit of how your business consumes and uses data

  • Mapping out an Enterprise Data Strategy that caters to the data needs and goals of the organization

  • Building and executing a Roadmap that achieves these strategic initiatives

  • Assuring long-term success by providing post-project support

Business Success