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Export and Import diversification of OIC Countries with respect to higher air trade tendency product groups.

View and Interact with Export / Import volumes of OIC States between 2006 - 2015 with respect to high air trade tendency product groups.

The tool provided below intends to reveal information on relative share of high air trade tendency products of OIC Member States on relevant state's total export and import volumes. By default, all tables and map shows Member States' "HighTech Products" exportation ratio relative to country total exports to world for the year 2014.


Level of Detail (LOD) in the calculations

Sizes of circles indicate the relative size of mentioned ratio among all OIC Member States. There are 10 product groups generated by project team in World Bank UN.COM.TRADE Database in order to observe higher air trade tendency in the exportation dimensions of Member States. It is possible to view ratios responsively for all product groups by Partner Level of Detail (LOD). Switching Partner LOD will update all ratios and Total Export / Import Volumes with respect to the partner. Updated ratios and totals can be observed in tooltips and other explanatory tables. In addition to "Partner" parameter,  it is possible to change the LOD (hence the granularity) of the calculations with "Year"and "Indicator" parameters.

Selecting a country in the map

Selecting a country by clicking circles in the map will activate "Explanatory Tables" and direct user to "Closer Look" page. In the "Closer Look" page, relative ratios for selected indicators (by default "HighTech Products Export & Import") on Total Export / Total Import volume of selected country between 2006 - 2015 are given with the intent of Ex-Im comparison. In the lower side of the page, Top Ten OIC Member States by exportation value of selected product group are presented with a TreeMap. The TreeMap in the first page reveals Top Ten Member States by relative ratios on a country's own total trade volume whilst the second page TreeMap shows Top Ten Member States by exportation value among OIC Member States.

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