Airport Analysis Tool by ICAO


Drive tangible impacts, identify aviation trends, spot commercial opportunities and threats,  run high impact reports to sharpen your strategies

  • User Friendly Interface 

    Make searches, analysis, download data in seconds with a few clicks. Download data in seconds to make your own reports and analysis.

    Easy to use, fast and reliable user interface with data exportation

  • Airport Traffic Analyser

    Identify commercial opportunities for new airlines, airports and related services, identify underlying trends and monitor competitor network and activity.

    Airport traffic analysis to drive growth and development with the expertise of ICAO

  • All Breakdowns of Traffic

    View the pax values of the airports with respect to  non-stop, transfer, non-stop & beyond, connecting, connecting & beyond, behind & non-stop, behind & non-stop & beyond, behind & connecting traffic breakdowns

    Not only direct flights: Expand your analysis with more powerful and insightful analysis

  • Market Share

    Reveal the competition by airlines and airports. Compare the market shares of airlines on the basis of origin airport. Find out new opportunities, just with a few clicks.

    View the market shares by airlines, reveal the competition. 

ICADS / GATO: Airport Analysis Tool Introduction Video


About Airport Analysis Tool

The Global Air Transport Optimisation (GATO) tool has been prepared and being maintained directly by ICAO. Under GATO there exist 6 very effective and efficient modules. Airport Analysis Tool is one of these modules in which you can view and analyze the traffic of world's airports in every detail with a few clicks.

The GATO Product is made of advanced management of MIDT data. The combination of ICAO expertise and a high skilled academician team with aviation experience has achieved to eliminate the deficiencies and gaps in the data sets and bring out most easy-to-use and fast product ever. 

Why you should have Airport Analysis Tool?

  • Airport Analysis Tool is directly prepared by ICAO and the accuracy of the data and the quality of service is directly under the guarantee of ICAO. The global knowledge and expertise of ICAO distill the knowledge, experience, and insights from decades into global best practices focused on aviation.

  • It is the most powerful combination of advanced data management and aviation expertise by ICAO and Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling - University of Warsaw which fills the gaps in the existing similar products and eliminates the deficiencies.

  • It is the utmost definitive airport traffic database to assist airlines, airports and related services drive growth and performance.

  • You can view and make analysis with a few clicks, download reports in xlsx format and high resolution png format maps for your own reports and presentations.

  • It is the most feasible tool in the industry which combines industry-proven problem solving skills with the most accurate data to maximize the value of your business and ultimately provide solutions that drive tangible impact.

If you would like to have more information about this tool, please follow this link in order to view online documentation.


How can you get demo / purchase the product?

Analytica Advisory Group is the approved reseller of ICAO ICADS products. If you wish to use the demo or purchase the product you can contact us via clicking this link. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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