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Everything you are looking for in one platform with one password, with single price.

ICAO ICADS | All in 1 Bundle

  1. ICAO Aero Tariffs 

  2. ICAO Traffic Forecasts (Passenger, Freight, personnelI

  3. New Data Plus (8 modules)

  4. World Air Service Agreements (WASA)

  5. Global Air Transport Optimizer (GATO)

  6. ICAO GIS Services

  7. 99+ Apps

  8. 1000+ Apps, Data Solutions, Documents

mac mockup.png
Presentation Video
GATO Map Mockup.png
View / Download ICADS Presentation which was presented during ICAO ADAP Seminar hold in İstanbul between 8-12 July 2019
Presentation PDF
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