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Aviation Infographics

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3.1 billion new passengers by 2035

Top 3 markets in 2015 and 2035. The biggest faller and largest riser markets

Economic Impact of Aviation

See the key figures in aviation

Economic Impact of Aviation Part II

Did you know that the employment supported by aviation was more than 62 million in the world. See more in this infographic

Top intra-regional travels by 2035

Asia will lead and...

Top 5 region pairs by 2035
Top International Markets

See the comparison of top aviation markets by 2015 and 2035

Busiest Routes from DUBAI

Did you know that via Dubai you can access to an export market with almost 1 billion population. See more in this infographic

Airports are congested

Did you know that European airports will not be able to accommodate the demand in 20 years...

Top airports are congested.

According to IATA, 39 of 47 aviation mega cities are congested...

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