As Analytica Advisory Group, we are well aware that our mission is to
Turn Chaos into Clarity

Analytica Advisory Group is the approved reseller of ICAO and related UN products in Africa, Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia

Advanced Data Visualization

What we do?

When it comes to business intelligence strategy We believe in simplicity, agility, integration and reliability.
By focusing on the leading vendors in both Data Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence we ensure that your business has access to the prime tools to achieve results.
Our goal for data management consulting is to ensure decision makers have accurate and relevant information to make fact-based decisions.
We work with your business and become a part of your team to implement a strategy that delivers exactly what your business needs, not a one-size-fits-all solutionts
AAG provides advanced analytics consulting to help business leaders & management teams leverage data for decision-making. Work with our team to get the data, vision, tools, insight, and execution required to drive new strategies and outcomes for your business. Use the buttons below to learn more.
Big data and analytics consulting have created significant new opportunities for your business.
Leverage our strategy and analytics expertise to build the proficiencies required for mining insights from your business data. Use the buttons below to learn more.
We are offering you to enjoy the data.

Analytica Aviation

The AAG Aviation Task Force has been operation in aviation transportation and economics area for the last six years. In this framework, many international projects were successfully implemented in order to  create benefit for the common welfare of humanity with innovation and passion; by joining our knowledge in aviation with our experience and know-how in technology. 


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AAG is the approved reseller of ICAO Products